The masochism of science.

The following post was original published at Medium and was subsequently featured in The Scientist Magazine’s February 2017 Notable Science Quotes. I’m moving my writing here, so I am republishing it on this blog.

Bubbling beakers, blazing Bunsen burners, boiling broths and a book. Not just any book, a lab notebook. Each page a record of an attempt to “tear off the mask of Nature and stare into the face of God,” as Sheldon Cooper so humbly put it. The key word here being “attempt.” More

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Google Scholar releases Classic Papers

In my time, at least, I’ve had the benefit of the internet to accelerate my literature research. Lucky me, because sooner or later my career mentors all reminisce about how “back in their day” they had to spend hours scrounging the stacks at the library, or waiting for a paper to come in from another location. Sounds like a nightmare to a relative youngin’ like me. More